This preschooler called 911, her conversation blew me away


This Preschooler is Her Mother’s Hero
Calise is four years-old and her mother considers her a hero. One day, while Calise’s father was a work, Calise’s pregnant mother started having a seizure. Calise was able to call 911 and relay to the 911 operator that her mother was having a seizure and also her address.girl1


Calise was able to do so, because her mother has been teaching her since she was two years old who to call in case of an emergency. Her mother is an epileptic, so she knew the importance of training Calise to call 911 early.

Thanks to Calise’s heroic actions, Calise’s mother was taken to the hospital in time where she was able to give birth safely to a healthy brother for Calise.

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