Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

There are a lot of Baby Shower Invitation ideas that you can choose from. A lot of planners like tying down the invitation with the theme of the shower. Send out a lot of invitations and then ask everyone to write down their best quote or even advice … [Continue reading]

Baby Shower Games Ideas

As a tradition when there is a mother that is pregnant her friends or family will shower them with gifts celebrating the fact that they are going to have a baby. This is referred to as a baby shower and it can be fun and sometimes emotional for the … [Continue reading]

Hairstyles for Thin Hair | Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Are you searching for the perfect hairstyles for thin hair? Are you in a rut over which style is ideal for fine hair? You must be in a dilemma as it quite hard to look stylish with this hair type. Well, worry no more because you are in the right … [Continue reading]

Womens Haircut with Clipped Sides

This is post modernism at its finest. This eccentric hairstyle is fun and architectural. There is short hair close to the scalp and is perfectly cut with the utmost precision and topped with soft spikes that extend to a sleek long layer of shininess. … [Continue reading]

Sleek A-Line Bob with Bangs

This is a classic A-line bob with modern texturing that uses a razor on the ends for a softer touch. The bangs are razor sharp and completely even. It gives a nice counterpoint to the soft taper of the ends of the hair along the sides. The color is … [Continue reading]

Bob with Tweaked Ends

A mixture of colors ranging from red to brown to gold all blend perfectly in this unique bob. It has been tweaked along the ends but gains tremendous momentum towards the face. Antoinette gives more strength by edging the bangs into a blunt shape. … [Continue reading]

Cut Above the Ears

The highlighted beige blonde is cut super short, ensuring the mass of hair sits above the ears. The top hair is long, parted on the side, then curves seductively across the forehead and tucked cleverly behind the ear. The back is a little longer than … [Continue reading]

Short Hair Cuts

If you like to play with your hair style you will have plenty of time to do it with this style. Ultra smooth graduation and layering allows your hair to be sleek or ruffled. Its up to you. The basic transformation leaves the basic contour visible … [Continue reading]

Smooth Short Hair

A breathe of fresh air this haircut is sleek and smooth and utterly refined in its simplicity, with lines that bring an elegant shape. It is parted on the side which places most of the volume on one side with soft graduation that bumps up the volume. … [Continue reading]

Very Short Fringe

Bangs are cut in an extreme fashion and when combined with forward jutting sides, this bob is unmatched. It's a post modern classic and ultra feminine look with a hint of luxury and power. Extremely short fringe is super fine on the ends that softens … [Continue reading]