Is a “Dislike” Button Coming to Facebook?



Since the debut of the “Like” button on Facebook in 2009, thousands of people have been asking and clamoring for a “Dislike” button. In a Town Hall Q & A, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg alluded to the possibility of a “Dislike” button. Zuckerberg stated that the company is working on a range of options to let people reply to posts in various ways.facebook-dislike


People all over Facebook have interpreted Zuckerberg’s statement to mean that an actual “Dislike” button is on it’s way to Facebook. Right now the “Dislike” button is still a rumor, but there have been reports that Facebook is working on one.

Experts believe that Zuckerberg has decided to implement a “Dislike” button after the Syrian refuge crises, because there weren’t many opportunities to “Like” those stories. Facebook has also strongly been against a “Dislike” button, but it seems that things are now changing.

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