Blue sky vanishes immediately in Beijing


On an average day in Beijing, the Air Pollution Index shows at approximately 160, out of 500. That is in comparison to the worst city in the United States at approximately 125. A high Air Pollution index is not only bad for the environment, but it can also have severe medical repercussions. On September 3, 2015, Victory Day, Beijing clocked 17 on the Air Pollution Index.
On September 3, 2015, Beijing hosted an enormous parade in celebration of victory during World War II. 12,000 troops in 50 different military formations and hundreds of fighter jet were included in the parade. Veterans and soldiers ranging from age 20 to 102 years old participated as well. Participants of the parade said that the training was so intense that several lost quite a bit of weight.
In preparation of the parade, Beijing banned 5 million registered cars from driving in Beijing and closed hundreds of factories for several months. Several restrictions were also enforced. From the lack of the cars and factories, the Air Pollution Index was 17 by the day of the parade. Normally, governments spending this much time and money on a big party has negative consequences, but the restrictions paid off for Beijing.



The day after the parade, the bans were lifted and the factories were reopened. The Air Pollution Index returned to 160. Before the bans were placed, the residents of Beijing were forced to wear respirator masks over their mouths in order to go outside. By the day of the parade, the sky was blue and the residents were able to enjoy clean breathing air.

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